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Nothing beats word of mouth when it comes to finding out about the services you are seeking. At Lusk Family Dentistry, we have many satisfied patients who are happy to share their experience with us. Take a look and see what many of them have to say. We look forward to partnering with you to ensure your best overall oral health!

Lusk Family Dentistry - Video Testimonial

Lusk Family Dentistry - Patient Testimonial

Lusk Family Dentistry - TMJD testimonial

This patient has been coming to Lusk Family Dentistry since she was 16 years old.
"I love bringing people here. I tell them all about it. It's in a great location."

Lusk Family Dentistry - Smile Testimonial

This patient came to our office about nine months ago to learn more about smile makeover options. We reviewed his x-rays and previous dental work and came up with a plan of action. After about six months of work, this patient now has a smile he is happy about.

Lusk Family Dentistry - Veneers Testimonial

This patient had "the best experience" at Lusk Family Dentistry

Easy and Stress Free

Suzanne and April are always so friendly and helpful. Dr. Lusk, you and your team make dental care easy and stress free. Thanks for all you do!
- G.C.

No Worries

My daughter and I have been going to this dentist for several years and have always had the best service. No complaints and no worries. Thanks!
- J.C.

Friendly and Welcoming

April demonstrates excellent interpersonal skills and is conscientious of my comfort during my visit. In fact, all of the staff are very friendly and welcoming.
- T.B

Excellent Care

Excellent care and service, as usual. Very professional and friendly.
- R.A.

Appreciate All You Do

You and your staff have been our dental care team for approximately 15 years now. I have referred many of my family members and friends to you. You have given us such good care and we really appreciate all you do for us!
- J.D.


After having several bad experiences with dentists I had completely given up on going to the dentist, so I suffered through the pain. Finally I found Dr. Lusk! At the first visit I was amazed at how nice Dr. Lusk was. He listened to me and took the extra time to ensure I was comfortable and felt little to no pain. I am now a long term patient of Dr. Lusk's and I highly recommend his office to everyone for dental services. Going to the dentist is something I no longer fear. Thanks Dr. Lusk!
- J. Livingston

Santa Broke His Tooth

Santa was tossing and turning in bed
Fell out and broke every tooth in his head.
He yelled for his elf his manner quite brusk,
"I need someone quick, call Dr. Lusk!
Give me the best I don't want no rookies,
On Christmas Eve, Can't be
Gummin' the cookies!"
The fixed him up quick with Lumineers,
Now everyone wants them, even the

Written by: Marty Stinson

Great Experience

With our busy schedules we are pressed for extra time. We can expect to be seen by Dr. Lusk and his staff promptly. And our kids have decided that the dentist is their favorite place because of the great experiences they've had there! We will continue to recommend Dr. Lusk to all of our family and friends.
- Steve and Michelle Robbins

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