Family Dentistry in Farmington, NM

Family Dentistry in Farmington NMMost people underestimate the importance of good oral health when it comes to keeping their entire body healthy. It is important that your entire family gets regular dental examinations and cleanings because good health starts with keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

At Lusk Family Dentistry, we want to work with your whole family in making sure you are enjoying good oral health. Our family-friendly practice uses the latest in dental technology to ensure that your experience here is as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Let Dr. Jared Lusk and the team at Lusk Family Dentistry preserve the healthy smiles of everyone in your family with our gentle family dentistry services.

Healthy Smiles Mean Healthy Lives

When it comes to dental care, prevention is key. Routine cleanings and checkups are the foundation of healthy teeth and gums. During twice annual cleanings, we can remove bacteria and plaque from areas you can’t reach—even with the best home care. With annual exams, we can detect changes in your teeth and gums to identify infection or decay early, when problems are easier to treat.

Healthy Gums Mean Healthy Teeth

Gum disease is a widespread problem in this country, and many people don’t realize that gum disease is the number one reason behind tooth loss. For that reason alone, you want to keep your gums healthy. But gum disease also puts people at higher risk for stroke, heart disease, and diabetes, and it also causes health risks for pregnant women. Gum disease, also called periodontal disease, starts off as plaque. Everyone gets this opaque film on the teeth. When it hardens, it forms tartar, or calculus, which contains the bacteria that can infect the gums.

When gum disease is in its earliest stages, people often don’t even know they have it. This early stage, called gingivitis, sometimes comes without symptoms. When symptoms start showing up, they are usually in the form of red, swollen gums. People might also notice bleeding while they are brushing and flossing. Untreated gingivitis leads to periodontitis, a more severe form of gum disease. This is when periodontal pockets form, causing the teeth to separate from the gums and supporting bone structure. If this is not treated, infection grows and the pockets get deeper, ultimately leading to tooth loss.

farmington family dentistryBecause gum disease can be asymptomatic, regular visits to the dentist are often the only way it is detected in its earliest stages. If you notice red, swollen gums, persistent bad breath, bleeding gums, teeth that have moved, or a change in your bite, this could be a sign of gum disease.

Sealants and Fluoride Treatments for Kids

At Lusk Family Dentistry, we love kids, and treating smiles that are just developing is important. Not only do we want to teach children that there is nothing to fear in the dental chair, but we want to lay the foundation for a lifetime of good oral hygiene habits.

In addition to professional cleanings and checkups for your kids, we also recommend sealants for six-year molars. This helps to prevent decay from forming early on.

From cosmetic dentistry to tooth extractions and from dental implants to emergency care, we offer personalized, professional, gentle care for many of your dental needs. Call Lusk Family Dentistry to find out how we can improve your smile for life.