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The Chronic Consequences of Tooth Loss

July 6, 2017
Posted By: Dr. Jared Lusk
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Tooth loss is a serious condition that affects many people in this country. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control reports that some 40 million Americans are missing all of their teeth in either one or both of their jaws.

The problem with missing teeth is that it not only impacts a person’s ability to chew properly—leading to poor nutrition—but it can also have a negative effect on their mental health. People with missing teeth also have more difficulty functioning in the workplace. 

The good news is that there are replacement options for missing teeth, such as dental implants and dentures, which you should discuss with your Farmington, NM dentist Dr. Jared Lusk.

The Reasons Behind Tooth Loss

The American Academy of Periodontology reports that many people lose their teeth as a result of gum disease. Other reasons for tooth loss include osteoporosis and injury. Tooth loss because of gum disease is almost always preventable if people take care of their teeth and visit their dentist regularly.

The Health Problems of Tooth Loss

When people are missing teeth, it often becomes difficult for them to chew properly. Because of this, they may avoid healthy foods that are more challenging to chew, such as fruits and vegetables. This leads to poor nutrition and is also linked to disease such as diabetes and heart disease.

What to Do About Tooth Loss

In the past, dentures and bridges were the most common ways to replace missing teeth. But with today’s modern dentistry, dental implants provide an option for people that is closer to a person’s natural teeth.

Patients who replace missing teeth with dental implants can not only chew better because the implants do not move, but they also protect their jawbone from density loss. 

Call Lusk Family Dentistry if You Have Missing Teeth

Don’t risk your health by living with missing teeth. Call your Farmington, NM dentist Dr. Jared Lusk today to find out more about dental implants.


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