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Getting a Filling Can Prevent a Root Canal in the Future

February 13, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Jared Lusk
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Getting a filling is one of the most common dental procedures around, and most adults will have at least one filling in their lifetimes. Dealing with tooth decay in its early stages is the best way to protect your tooth from further damage.

When you let tooth decay go, without getting dental treatment, the decay will continue to grow. Eventually, the tooth will have become so decayed the nerve tissue will become infected. This usually presents itself as an excruciating toothache that doesn’t get any better. Talking to your Farmington, NM dentist about root canals is more than likely your only option at that point.

The Causes of Tooth Decay

When the foods we eat meets the bacteria in our mouths, tooth-eroding acid is created. If you are a smoker or imbibe in lots of sugary foods, you will be at a higher risk of developing tooth decay.

When the acid eats away at your tooth and creates a hole, this is called a cavity. A filling will protect the hole from getting any bigger.

When Your Cavity Is Too Far Gone for a Filling

If you have a spot of decay on your tooth and you don’t get it filled, the hole will continue to grow and get deeper. Eventually, it will reach the deepest layer of your tooth, which is the nerve tissue. You will probably start experiencing pain at this point. Your cavity is beyond getting filled, and now you will need a root canal to repair and save the tooth.

Don’t Let a Cavity Turn Into a Root Canal

See your Farmington, NM dentist regularly for examinations today, and you can help prevent root canals tomorrow. If it’s time for your next checkup, call Dr. Jared Lusk at Lusk Family Dentistry and make an appointment today! 

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