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cosmetic dentist farmington nm

3 Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Options We Offer

October 15, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Jared Lusk
cosmetic dentist farmington nm

If you’re thinking about cosmetic dentistry in Farmington, NM, we’d love to help you make the best choice for your smile. Our caring staff and skilled dentist are always available to answer your questions and make you feel comfortable. 

And at Lusk Family Dentistry, we use the latest advances in cosmetic dentistry to help give our patients the very best options when it comes to enhancing their smiles, and we’re always open to new patients, too.  

Here are a few of the most popular options we offer.


Veneers are a great option if you have a discolored tooth or simply want to lengthen a few short teeth. They can also help to fill small gaps between teeth

Veneers are wafer-like shells that fit over existing teeth to conceal flaws and create the illusion of uniformity. They are one of the most popular options in our smile-makeover arsenal, and our patients love the results!


Bonding corrects cracks or gaps and can cover stained or discolored teeth. With bonding, a composite, tooth-colored resin is molded and sculpted to fit the affected tooth. 

Like veneers, bonding offers complete camouflage, and no one will ever know you’ve had work done. However, they might ask you what toothpaste you’ve used to achieve such spectacular teeth!

Inlays and onlays

The good news about inlays and onlays is that they strengthen your tooth, restore its shape, and help to prevent further damage. Inlays and onlays not only enhance the appearance of your smile by making a tooth or teeth appear attractive, but they help to protect your teeth. Inlays are used specifically for undamaged teeth, while onlays are placed over damaged teeth. 

If you have questions about cosmetic dentistry or would like to make an appointment to discuss your options, contact our office today. 

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