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Why are my gums bleeding when I brush my teeth?

brushing teeth | gum disease treatment farmington nmIf your gums bleed after you brush and floss, you might be suffering from gum disease (periodontal disease). Bleeding gums is one of the first signs of gingivitis, an early stage of gum disease.  Gum disease is linked to other diseases as well, so it's not worth waiting for treatment. 

Other Signs of Gum Disease

Other signs that you might notice include persistent bad breath, red or swollen gums, receding gums, or in more severe cases, even loosening teeth. It's important that you get the right care before tooth loss occurs, and our experienced team can help you get your gums back to being healthy! 

If you think you're suffering from gum disease, your gums are bleeding, or you're experiencing other symptoms, don't hesitate to call our Farmington, NM dentist office.

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