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How much does it usually cost for a tooth extraction?

Many of us likely never think of tooth extraction near Kirolder couple hugging l dentist in farmington nmtland, NM until we need one, but the truth is that you may need to pull a tooth at some point in your life.

Even patients who practice excellent oral hygiene like daily brushing and flossing may still find that dental extraction is necessary for their dental health.

When Is a Tooth Extraction in Farmington Necessary?

Typically, your dentist in Farmington, NM may recommend a tooth extraction to address a fractured or broken tooth, bone loss due to periodontal disease, trauma, injury, or a pervasive infection due to tooth decay.

At Lusk Family Dentistry, we offer numerous payment options that allow our patients to enjoy the full range of dentistry, including extractions, without worrying about the financial burden. 

During your dental appointment with your dentist in 87401, we can navigate the type of dental treatment that suits your needs, along with the final cost. Together we can road map your smile treatment plan and aftercare. 

What Determines Tooth Extraction Costs?

Your tooth extraction dentist in Kirtland, NM and his friendly dental staff can help determine the cost of your tooth extraction.

Factors that can contribute to your dental cost include whether or not the tooth is impacted or erupted, the severity of the case, and more.

Call Our Expert Dental Team to Find Out More

If a tooth extraction is necessary, we are available to help so give us a phone call today. We work hard to make the procedure as comfortable and pain-free as possible. 

Dr. Jared Lusk works with patients to ensure successful treatment and aftercare to prevent further extractions.

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