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Why would I need a root canal?

Dentists at Lusk Family Dentistry often use root canal treatments to save teeth that have become badly damaged and would otherwise need to be extracted. If you are experiencing extreme pain and tenderness in a close up of dental crowns | dentist farmington nmspecific tooth, you may need a root canal.

What Makes Root Canal Treatment Necessary?

But what makes root canals necessary in the first place? Root canals are needed when certain parts of a tooth — the pulp or the nerve itself — become infected. During a root canal, the pulp and nerve of a tooth are removed. While this procedure may seem drastic, it becomes necessary when a tooth has experienced severe trauma. Such trauma can include:

  • A large crack that exposes the inner-parts of the tooth
  • Forceful impact to the tooth, such as being punched in the face or hit with a hockey puck, which breaks the tooth open
  • Significant dental decay that is too deep to treat with a standard filling

Root canal procedures are necessary in order to stop the tooth pulp from breaking down and decaying inside the tooth. If left untreated, the pulp can lead to severe infections and abscesses, which can lead to bone loss and cause problems in other parts of the body.

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If pain, swelling, tenderness, and sensitivity to hot or cold have developed in a tooth, you should be seen by a dentist immediately. For questions about root canals in Farmington, NM, call Lusk Family Dentistry today.

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