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My tooth filling is discolored; can I change it?

Composite tooth fillings can often yellow or brown over time due to foods and beverages you intake, or other variables. If you get your teeth professionally whitened, the composite filling will not brighten and may be more noticeable. If you have had professional teeth whitening, Dr. Lusk may replace your filling to match your updated shade. 

If you notice that your filling is darkening, it will only darken more in time and become unsightly. Call us at Lusk Family Dentistry if you have noticed that your fillings are dark so we can go over your dental options.

At this point, many patients request a replacement filling. Dr. Lusk will check your filling to ensure it is not leaking or that the seal is intact. If the filling remains sealed, Dr. Lusk may file down the filling a little to remove the superficial stain. 

Why Does the Filling Become Stained?man smiling | tooth colored fillings farmington nm

It's essential to bear in mind that tooth-colored fillings are made from resin that is porous and can, therefore, pick up stains. These stains are often on the surface and can be removed after filing the top layer. Frequent refilling can eventually weaken the tooth to the point that a dental crown may be necessary. Dr. Lusk may polish and buff the stained filling so that it blends naturally with your teeth. 

You can maintain the color of your filling by practicing good oral health through brushing and flossing.

We are here to maintain the health and appeal of your teeth; dark tooth fillings can be polished or replaced depending on the recommendation of Dr. Lusk. Contact us at (505) 325-8401 in Farmington, NM to keep your teeth white and polished. 

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