Family Dentistry in Farmington, NM

We provide quality family dentistry in Farmington, NM, and the surrounding areas of Flora Vista, Spencerville, Upper Fruitland, and Kirtland.

No matter your age, having a trusted team of dental professionals for your dental care is an essential part of your overall health. From teeth cleanings and dental fillings to entire smile makeovers, the experts at Lusk Family Dentistry are committed to preserving the smiles for everyone in your family. 

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Our dental office provides one-stop oral care for the whole family. Whether you’re suffering from a toothache or want to prevent one, Dr. Jared Lusk, your Farmington, NM dentist, and our professional dental team offer a wide range of family dentistry services.

We offer preventative dentistry, cosmetic dental treatments, and restorative dentistry for every member of the family. To get started, call our Farmington, NM dental office to learn more about Dr. Jared Lusk’s gentle family dentistry services.

Preventative Family Dentistry in Farmington, NM

Preventative dental exams are your best tool for avoiding problems with your smile and oral health. You should schedule these appointments for every six months, or at the frequency Dr. Lusk recommends.

During your dental exam, your dentist in Farmington, NM, performs a visual dental exam to check for signs of dental decay and gum disease. We’ll also take photos and dental x-rays at least once a year to give us a clear picture of what’s happening below the surface. Each dental exam also includes checking for abnormalities associated with oral cancer.

Dental problems are easier to treat when we catch them early, and that’s why prevention is the crux of oral health! If you or someone in your family has a painful tooth or is ready for their dental checkup, call your Farmington dentist today. We love providing family dentistry in Farmington, NM.

Professional Teeth Cleanings in Farmington, NM

Even with the best home care, bacteria can hide between your teeth. When dental plaque builds, the tooth decay process begins, creating tiny holes in the enamel. When plaque turns into tartar, only a dental hygienist can remove the substance from your teeth using a technique called scaling.

Cavities and gum disease may not have symptoms initially, and by the time you feel these symptoms, decay may have already begun. If you have a sensitive or painful tooth, call our Farmington dental office right away to schedule a dental exam with our top Farmington, NM dentist.

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Lusk Family Dentistry provides personalized, gentle care for all your dental needs. From cosmetic dentistry and dental implants to tooth extractions and emergency dental care, we can help improve your smile and health. Contact us at (505) 325-8401 to get started with Dr. Jared Lusk today!