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Why don't my dentures fit anymore?

No matter why your dentures aren't fitting well, the problem can be fixed. Ill-fitting dentures can make it very difficult to eat and speak and, if the fit is poor enough, can cause mouth sores and discomfort. There are several reasons why the fit of your denture may change over time.  

Changes to your mouthdentures in farmington nm

As you age, your mouth changes.  Your jawbones deteriorate slowly over time, changing the shape of your jaws and gums.  The mold that was originally used to make your dentures captured your mouth the way it was at that moment in time. Unfortunately, your dentures cannot change shape with you and the fit gradually declines as your body changes.

Health Issues

Diabetes, osteoporosis and other illnesses can cause changes to the shape of your mouth, thereby changing the way your dentures fit. Cancer treatments can also cause oral issues as can over 500 prescription medications that cause dry mouth. Other health conditions, such as arthritis, make it difficult to properly clean dentures, resulting in a plaque buildup that affects the way dentures fit. It is important to see both your doctor and dentist regularly to manage these conditions and enjoy life comfortably and happily in good health.

Denture Damage

Your dentures work hard at every meal and after a time may need a bit of TLC. Hairline cracks, bent clasps, chips, and dings all affect the way dentures fit. Regular visits to the dentist are key to fixing these problems early before they cause discomfort or painful sore spots.

If you are experiencing ill-fitting dentures, call our office today to have your dentures checked and repaired if necessary.

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