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Dental technology has seen exciting improvements in recent years, and we stay up-to-date on the latest developments so our patients’ dental experience is quicker, easier, and more comfortable. We are pleased to offer cutting-edge dental technology to ensure that you and your family have a comfortable experience in the dental chair.


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digital radiographs farmington nm

Digital Radiographs

Slow, uncomfortable traditional dental x-rays are a thing of the past with new digital radiography. Digital x-rays are faster and more convenient, and they also give off lower rates of radiation, making them safer. They also offer the opportunity for both doctor and patient to see the x-ray images immediately on a chairside computer monitor. Because the images are easily enhanced, we can see more detail than ever before. If we need to get images to another specialist or to your insurance company, this is now easier than ever to do via email.



Digital Radiographs | Lusk Family Dentistry  Lusk Family Dentistry | Digital Radiographs  

Digital Radiographs in Farmington NM | Lusk Family Dentistry


Doppler Auscultation farmington, nm

Doppler Auscultation

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder is a common disorder affecting the jaw, jaw joints, and the facial muscles that control the jaw; symptoms can also radiate to surrounding areas. The treatment position of the TMJ is an important part of the treatment planning process, which is now made easier with Doppler auscultation. Basically a stethoscope for the joint, it uses Doppler wave effects to indicate the amount of friction and lubrication present within the TMJ. This enables us to recommend a more precise treatment plan for the individual patient.

bite FX farmington nm

Bite FX

Bite problems are the underlying reason for myriad dental issues, and BiteFX enables us to show you exactly how occlusion is causing your dental issues. Complicated concepts become simple with friendly animations that make sense to patients. You will better be able to understand treatment recommendations and make good decisions on the best treatment for you.


Bite FX | Lusk Family Dentistry

laser dentistry farmington nm

Laser Dentistry

The appeal of laser dentistry is wide among patients seeking treatment for gum disease, and Lusk Family Dentistry is pleased to offer this new technology. With laser technology, the diseased area can be targeted with great precision. Because it is less invasive, bleeding, pain, and swelling are limited, so recovery and healing are much quicker. Talk to us about laser for periodontal therapy. 

Intraoral Camera farmington, nm

Intraoral Camera

About the size of a dental mirror, this small video camera has its own built-in light source and gives us a view of every nook and cranny of your mouth. We can quickly see images displayed on the monitor of issues such as fillings that are worn or broken, small fractures in the teeth, cavities in their earliest stages, excessive wear, and plaque deposits. You and Dr. Lusk will be able to make treatment decisions based on the images of this amazing tool.


Intraoral Camera | Lusk Family Dentistry

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